Sweet Leaf - flowering tops & leaf - monarda fistulosa


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Dried flowering tops of Sweet Leaf
Monarda fistulosa

Picked at young & peak growth, rinsed & dried without heat
Wild foraged & homegrown mix- very high quality

Sweet Leaf is a very unique medicine- Warming (Stimulating) & Cooling (relaxing)

Primary Actions: mild Stimulant & Relaxant, Nervine, Anti-spasmodic, Diaphoretic, Carminative, Emmenagogue
Organ Affinities- Nervous System, Lymphatic System, Cardiovascular System

Sweet leaf is a great natural remedy for yeast infection & other bladder irritation. It has an affinity like most of the Mint family herbs to Calm the Nerves & Relax the Body, Formulation for focusing on the Nervous system, Monarda pairs well with chamomile & peppermint.

The compounds in Sweet leaf help clean the lymphatic system, reduce nausea, vomiting & draw heat & inflammation out of the body, Formulation for focusing on digestive problems sweet leaf (mixed with Wood betony & Lemon Balm)

A sweet burn medicine: Poultice on clean burns- sweet leaf will draw heat back into the plant and out of the body. The flowering tops need to be exposed to saliva to unlock the burn medicine, so they are chewed then placed on the wound. monarda is especially effective for burns with a cold sweat.

Sweet leaf has a warming, spicy, sweet taste. Add raw honey for added health benefits & sweeter flavor

Preparation: Tea Infusion, Decoction, Poultice, Extract, Vinegar, Oil, Honey or Syrup

approximately 25 tablespoons